"Franchise Expert Reveals His Proven System for Buying Franchise Businesses for Little or NO MONEY DOWN"


Another rejection letter


I can still remember those words spilling out from the speakerphone, "Sorry Jason, your loan was denied..."

I slowly spelled out the word on my notepad, “D-E-N-I-E-D”. After hanging up the phone with the senior lending officer, I reviewed my notepad.

Eastern Bank… denied. Wells Fargo… denied. Bank of America… denied… Citigroup… denied… denied… denied… the list read off like a dating rap sheet for the ugliest kid in school. I had spent almost two years trying to get a bank loan to purchase a franchise business. If it wasn’t my credit score, it was a small ‘ding’ on my credit report. If it wasn’t that, it was my “lack of personal income”.

I had spent over $1,400.00 trying to improve my credit score and it seemed like no matter what I did, I was destined to be denied by a bank for a business loan. Two years of my life wasted – how much longer could I let this go on?

I slowly put my face into my hands and in the dead-silence of morning it came to me – I had been going about obtaining financing for my franchise business backwards for two years. And the answer was right in front of me the entire time.

Over the next six weeks, I began ignoring capital requirements and only sought out to buy a franchise business without a business loan. Within two months, I had done it; I had purchased my first franchise business. I thought to myself, "Could it really be this easy?"

But I didn’t stop there… I just kept doing the same thing over and over again… never looking back and certainly never calling a big bank EVER again.

Four years into my franchising career, I had it down to a system:

Buy the business for no money down -- Increase sales over the next twelve months -- Sell the business to pay back the original seller and pocket the remaining profit (which averaged $146,740.00) -- Repeat.

It was so simple. I was successful, and I was making real money.


Hello, and Welcome, I’m Jason Rager.

You may know me from news columns in the Boston Globe and eleven other national newspapers, my renowned free franchising guide, or my seminar series for highly-motivated entrepreneurs interested in owning multiple franchise businesses.

I’ve been franchising for over seven years and have owned and operated six franchise systems within three different industries. 

I now help others achieve the same success that I have by giving away the proven system I have used time and time again to purchase a franchise business for little or no money down.

I’ll also show you which institutions lend ONLY TO the franchise industry and which franchises offer 100% financing.



"Jason I thought I was doomed!"

 "Hey Jason,

"I spent over eight months wasting my time trying to buy a franchise.

At one point a banker LAUGHED AT ME and said why don't I just give up, a bank will never lend to me because I didn't have a job.

Jason, I thought I was doomed.. At one point, all I was eating was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that was all I could afford!

Well Jason, those days are over and I got the franchise of my dreams, a Domino's pizza franchise and I only put down $5,000 to get in business.

I never thought this sort of thing was possible until I got your system and it opened my eyes.

I framed a photo of me eating a peanut butter sandwich so that I would never forget how hard life had gotten for me. Maybe someday I can pass this business on to my son, Brayden. I never thought leaving a legacy would be possible."

Phil Richardson
Domino's Pizza Franchise Business Owner in Warwick, Rhode Island USA



With my proven system, you can be on your way to financial freedom by owning a lucrative franchise business.

And you can do it with little to no money down!  (More about that a little bit later)


Did you know… most small businesses fail due to a lack of financing?


I’ve developed a proven, comprehensive franchise financing system to help you …

  •  Buy a franchise for little or no money down
  •  Own a business even if you have a horrible credit rating or low income
  •  Fulfill your dream of business ownership regardless of your capital to invest
  •  Learn which franchises provide 100% financing
  •  Become a respected business owner in your family and community
  •  Avoid getting rejected due to poor credit or lack of income

In today’s economy it’s more difficult than ever to obtain financing. Every day hundreds of franchise buyers are denied their dream of business ownership because of a small ding on their credit history or lack of investment capital necessary to purchase a franchise business.

My proven system will not only help you own the franchise business of your dreams, but also show you how to flip that business for a quick six-figure profit.

Most businesses fail due to a lack of financing and you will fail to own a franchise business unless you KNOW ...


  •  The “golden rule” to purchasing a franchise business for little or no money down (page 7)
  •  The essential information you need to successfully purchase an existing franchise business (page 4)
  •  12 simple steps that you MUST follow to successfully purchase a franchise for little or no money down (page 7)
  •  The goldmine that thousands of franchise buyers overlook every time they talk with the franchise company (page 4)
  •  The EASIEST way to buy a franchise for no money down (page 4)
  •  Which government organizations are giving away free grants and loan guarantees, designed specifically for purchasing franchise businesses (page 20)
  •  The technique I used to purchase my first franchise business in LESS THAN 3 MONTHS with almost no out of pocket expense (page 5)
  •  10 factors that determine the difference between a successful franchise business owner and a complete failure (page 9)
  •  How to get your business financed quickly … even in today’s economy
  •  What “red flags” bankers and investors will be looking for when you approach them for financing
  •  Which franchise buyers banks CAN’T SAY NO TO (page 16)
  • 11 must-knows for negotiating buying your franchise for as little cash as possible (page 24)
  • The SECRET of how I made over nine million dollars(and counting..) flipping franchises (page 22) 
  •   Reduce your taxes when you purchase a franchise business (page 15)
  •  How to buy a franchise business for no money down
  •  Which franchises are no longer charging franchise fees 
  •  What you should be careful to do if you’re planning to purchase a franchise business using retirement funds (page 14)
  •  How lenders measure your “creditworthiness” and how to improve your financial picture to get financed quickly (page 11)
  •  What every franchise seller doesn’t want you to know … and how you can cash in on it today (page 8)
  •  Money literally waiting for veterans, minorities, women, and others interested in owning a franchise business (page 17)

I’ve been a sucker in the past and put 20% and even 50% down for a franchise business – what a complete waste of money! Why put $50,000 into your business if you don’t have to?

I’ve also wasted two years of my life doing things the old fashioned way -- trying to increase my credit score while applying for financing “through the front door” only to receive REJECTION… AND A LOWER CREDIT SCORE. And then there’s the times that I didn’t have enough income to qualify for a franchise business loan.

Why can’t the bank understand I want to own a franchise to INCREASE MY INCOME?!?!

Thankfully, with my help you can avoid all that … and more.



"The Bank Said No But the Franchise Said YES!"

 "Hi Jason

"I never thought that I'd ever be able to open my business so quickly after bankruptcy. Countless bankers kept telling me that I had to wait 7 years before I could do ANYTHING!

I sure showed them. I went bankrupt a little over a year ago and with your help, I have just signed my franchise agreement and I'm opening my Kabloom flower business in about 3 months. WHO NEEDS A 700 CREDIT SCORE?!?

The bank said no, but the franchise said yes and agreed to finance 90% of the business. They are even giving me a break on the franchise fee!

I don't really know how to begin thanking you, you have helped me start a new life."

Sharon Mable
KaBloom Franchise Business Owner in Rocklin, California USA



What The Rager Franchise Financing System Will Do for You


  •  Show you why most franchise buyers get DENIED for bank loans
  •  Let you know the industry insiders that only lend to franchise businesses so they understand what you are going through and are eager to win over your business 
  •  Become a respected business owner within your community
  •  Show you exactly which franchises offer 100% financing
  •  Get up to $100,000 in start-up financing in as little as 5 business days
  •  Show you How to Buy a Franchise for Little or No Money Down
  •  Allow you to spend more time with your family, enjoying the fruits of your labor while others are being rejected for financing
  •  Access yours, a friend’s or a family member’s retirement funds to purchase your franchise business
  •  Help you make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars
  •  Own a franchise business regardless of your credit score or income
  •  Learn what government grants and loan guarantees for owning a franchise are waiting for you to claim
  •  Learn how to build business credit so cash is always available – even if you don’t need it


Every day thousands of potential franchise buyers get DENIED their dream of franchise business ownership. Don't find yourself wasting months and years of your life trying to get traditional bank financing, because you will fail.

You will fail trying to get traditional franchise financing because:

-      Banks only want to make business loans to business owners with business ownership experience.

-      Banks only want to lend to businesses that are over 2 years old.

-      Banks only want to give loans to people with over a 700 credit score. Have a ding? Consider your dreams toast.

-      In this economy, banks only want to give loans to people with steady, documented income over $100,000 per year.


Or you can try My Proven System for obtaining franchise business financing. I’ll show you how to buy the franchise of your choice for little or no money out of your pocket. Additionally, I will show you the 40+ franchise industry lenders that are NOT banks that only lend money to franchise businesses. Click the order link below and you will instantly receive My Proven System and the information you need to get your franchise financing today.



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FREE BONUS #1: Jason Rager’s Personal Franchise Lender Rolodex  

Use my 40+ personal franchise lending contacts  - you will see that the senior loan officer’s direct contact number is listed for each company – to get your franchise business financed today. These lenders ONLY work with franchises, so they are familiar with your circumstances and willing to work with you to get the funding you need.



FREE BONUS #2: IRA, Pension, and 401k Financing Kit 

Take back your independence. Put your financial future directly into your own hands and keep your retirement assets protected while using them to fund your franchise business.



FREE BONUS #3: Startup Financing Kit

If you have good credit, put your good credit to work for you and receive up to $100,000 to start your franchise business. Most loans are financed in less than 5 business days.


FREE BONUS #4: Business Credit Builder Kit

This comprehensive set of guidebooks will show you exactly what lenders will be looking for with you apply for a business loan. With this knowledge in hand, your odds of obtaining financing will be increased four-fold.




Try My Proven Franchise Financing System for up to 60 days. If you aren't successful, I'll tell you that you are probably in the wrong profession, I'll also question your ability to follow these simple steps, but I'll also give you a 100% refund. You can even keep all 4 free bonuses, a $450.00 value!



Earlier I said that you can buy a franchise for little to no money down.  Here’s how …

Method 1: Talk with the franchisor to see if they do 100% financing.  Many are doing this given the horrible economy. They also have relationships with various lenders and equipment leasers who will lend to franchisees. Some franchisors will even guarantee the loan.

Method 2: Buy an existing unit. This is possible because many owners will take back a note which can then be used to finance the down-payment.  If you’re buying a unit operated by the franchisor, you may even have additional leverage.  Most franchisors are not in the business of running locations. 


But that just scratches the surface! These are just two of the nine successful techniques that I have personally used to buy franchise businesses with no out of pocket expense -- I will teach you how to employ these methods yourself, and so much more.



Here’s what you will instantly receive after purchasing The Rager Franchise Financing System...


My Proven Franchise Financing System


24 pages jam packed with successful franchise financing strategies that I have spent over seven years developing and that have netted me over nine million dollars.


My Personal Rolodex for Franchise Industry Lenders

If you order My Proven Franchise Financing System right now, you will also receive the industry insider’s list of franchise financing companies that only lend to franchisees! My list has over 40 direct lenders who are eager to begin working with you to open your franchise business.

IRA, Pension, and 401k Financing Kit

Don’t give your money to greedy Wall Street bankers, get your own bailout and use your own, a friend’s or family’s retirement funds to start your business in less than a week.

Startup Financing Kit

If you have good credit and want an additional $100,000 for starting your franchise business then these experts will get you financed quickly.

Business Credit Builder Kit

Know exactly what lenders will be looking for when you apply for credit. This checklist will make sure you have all of your “ducks in a row” to ensure that you aren’t denied the business credit your small business needs.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Don't forget if you are unhappy with My No Money Down Franchising System for any reason, just shoot me an email and I'll refund you your money, usually in less than 24 hours. You can even keep all 4 bonuses, valued at $450.

With my system for buying a franchise for little or no money down, you get a system jam-packed with information you must know to become a successful franchise business owner. Don't make the same mistake I did and waste years of your life trying to get financing from your local bank. Get my guide right now and I’ll show you the steps you must take to make your dreams of franchise business ownership become a reality.





"I Found Out Where My Tax Dollars Went... For Helping People Buy a Franchise"


"I was completely floored when your guide showed me which government programs are giving people money to start a franchise business.

I'm a vet and I have been approved for a quarter a million dollar loan when I take over my Meineke Franchise. All that's left is tying up some loose ends and I will be good to go.

Jason with your guide, I found out where my tax dollars went and I couldn't believe how many programs are for helping people buy a franchise.

I wish I was a woman or a minority, I could have 5 of these things!

The opportunities available are staggering and your guide shows just how and where to get the help you need to buy any franchise business.

Nigel Rosenlaum
Meineke Franchise Business Owner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA



IT'S DECISION TIME: $97.00 is a ridiculously low price for this life-changing information. I have made millions of dollars from these strategies and I’m practically giving them away to you. I've already done all of the hard work, and now all you have to do is order this proven system now and follow the simple instructions to owning your franchise business. 

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What are you waiting for – You can continue to waste years of your life dreaming about owning a franchise business only to have your dreams ripped away by your local bank. Or you can Click Here and go to my Secure Order Form and get access to My Proven Franchise Financing System right now. With my 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose! I will show you nine different ways to get financing for your business today including my proven method for Purchasing Your Franchise Business for No Money Down.